Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Take a Load off, Jürgen

I'm sitting here watching the US play Honduras in the Gold Cup.  We're playing well and winning 3-1, but seeing as how it's basically a Junior Varsity tournament, it's hard to draw too much from that.  I'd say that our roster has some good depth.  Hah!  Jürgen Klinsmann was just dismissed from the game.  He won't be able to coach the final as well.  That's pretty crazy.

I'm pretty excited about NBC showing all of the EPL games this season.  Now if only someone would pick up the Bundesliga.

I spent most of today trying to draft engagement letter and billing templates.  It's very difficult, as I'm not entirely sure what should go into them, and I can't seem to draft anything that I think sounds not idiotic.  The trick is to make sure you cover your own ass well enough in case the client sues, doesn't pay, or strings you along.  It's a delicate balancing act, also, because you don't want your billing statements to sound too dickish as well.

It's just frustrating, because it's hard to stay focused and motivated throughout the day.  I think I need my own place with a proper desk and white noise playing over a loudspeaker.  That or better ADHD meds.

I'm still not entirely sure what in the hell I'm doing with this law practice stuff.  This isn't for me.  Ugh.  Oh if only I could go back to undergraduate and make myself study something else and study more!

I met up with a friend yesterday.  It was really a breath of fresh air.  I'll refrain from going on about it, but but she was very uplifting.  Some people can do that just by being.  Good stuff.

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